“In the beginning it was all black and white.“ (Maureen O’Harra)

Vision is a complex sequence of biological and physical processes.

To see, we have to feel. The English philosopher John Locke referred to the importance of external experience, while the German Language describes sensation as an inner experience. Interior and Exterior, abstraction and practicality, apathy and recklessness, black and white are opposites that create a contrast. The greater the contrast, the stronger the sensation.

For years, INSTINKTE the Berlin brand communication agency has been designing the booths For the Scandinavian family business „GABBA“ at Berlin Fashion Week. As a result, based on the longstanding partnership between GABBA, INSTINKTE and the Berlin Fashion Week, the agency will attend the upcoming Premium Exhibition,

16.01-17.01.18, initiating a live event for GABBA in hall 4.

Agency owner Tim Sean-Lee Mut-Lu, Brand Strategy specialist and creative mind, had the original idea for the motto: „Black and White“, two black denim jackets as an unconventional canvas for an artist. As a passionate collector of clothing from the 50s to the late 80’s, the individualist loves and lives expressive fashion. Accordingly, every piece of textile should be a UNIKAT. This was also the initial spark for his idea, during the Fashion fair to create a live art performance.

Architect Andreas Hachulla, freelance artist and multimedia concept developer, succeeds through his interdisciplinary and spontaneous way of working, capturing moments artistically and constructively. Through his understanding of form, color, space and material, his work is transformative and recombinational. He will be creating the denim jackets daily from 16-19hour to make extravagant pieces.