Knitwear/Latex gloves with a signal colour communication system.

Hands and fingers are commonly used as communication “tools”. Four of the knitted glove finger caps have each been dipped in colourful latex rubber except for one finger that, in turns with the others, has been dipped in RED latex rubber. The result are five pairs of colourful gloves of which, alternating, each finger has its turn to be RED (i.e. a “red thumbed” pair of gloves, red index gloves, etc.). RED is the signifying colour in the communication system. Depending on which of the glove’s fingers has been dipped in red reveals infact a character feature of the wearer. Five different red fingers are therefore equivalent to five different character types, these being 1) the positive thinking type (red thumb), 2) the friendly type (red index finger), 3) the exuberent or unfriendly type (red middle finger), 4) the loyal type (red ring finger) and 5) the understated type (red small finger).

Knitted wool, latex rubber coating