We have developed a new questionnaire for the #wearededicated campaign. In the interview with our models, we now set the tone. Quite casually, we have three categories shaken out of our sleeves, which we have preppy keywords assigned. Our Street Shooting Models now have the pleasure of confronting these airless assumptions and sharing their thoughts on them. In this interview, repartee, originality and joie de vivre are needed. There are no limits to the association, what has to be said needs to get out.

Serena S. (25) has no problem with men, but in her spare time she rather deals with women and slaughters our category one. The second game plays David R. (29), the man at her side.

Instincts: What do you say about the Paleo lifestyle?

Serena: Is a form of healthy diet. Pretty special, does not suit everyone.

Instincts: Eating healthy, regional food is important. Buy meat that once had a good life, and eat fruits and vegetables that were not sprayed.

Serena: I agree with that. But I still find it difficult to rummage through the different countries of origin in the supermarket jungle, until I found a product that is regional and does not come from Spain or France.

Instincts: 50 Shades of Gray?

Serena: I did not see or read it and I really  don’t understand the hype about the SM-shit. I’m not into this soft porn crunch.

Instincts: We have enough fetish clubs here in Berlin to practice our preferences …

Serena: That’s the way it is, and they’re great too. I really do not have to pull a Hollywood movie over it.

Instincts: Good answer. What do you think about social media?

Serena: Accompany us all.

Instincts: positive, negative?

Serena: I’m positive about the whole thing. Is a cool thing, if you constructively deal with it. If you are a weak personality and have problems with yourself it can backfill quite quickly. Then the social media affine girls and boys become addicted to the channels and get their self-esteem through likes and comments. If you provide new input but want to express your opinion on a topic, that is not banal for then social media is a nice thing.

Instincts: Fitness Selfies.

Serena: Embarrassing !!! hahahahah

Instincts: Trend color for 2017.

Serena: Mustard yellow.

Instincts: Then we arrived at the last question. What’s your dedication?

Serena: Of course this is the hardest question … I can support the people around me well and have a motivating attitude, that’s why I’m doing very well in my job and even when celebrating i make a round thing out of the evening.

Instincts: You work as an educator for children, if I remember correctly, right?

Serena: Almost. I work with people with disabilities. This is a very good job that gives me a lot of power, with real emotions. This can be out of aggression or even love, that is very different. I’m very happy because I’m not played.

Insinkte: Your character traits also help you to make Dedications a round thing?

Serena: Yes, definitely.

One, two or three, if you really stand right you see when the light turns on. David Roeglin (29) shines in the splendor of his masculinity and takes the category two. A hyperactive men above men …

Instincts: Numero Uno, meat. What comes to your mind?

David: Conscious diet. Anyone can google his knowledge on the road and see what is good meat and how to get there.

Instincts: Check, happy animal, sad animal. From animal meat to human flesh … What do you say about metrosexuality?

David: I think it’s good and exsists since the 80s. It actually eased a bit. It’s there, but could be lived out more. Everyone should do what they want as long as they are happy.

Instincts: Doping, Protein Powder and Co.

David: It’s not an issue for me because my body does not interest me that much. I don’t stand in front of the mirror and have to look like Adonis. But I can understand when men get that stuff because they need the quick success. Let’s see what long-term studies tell us about these products in the future. You can already see that some actors and bodybuilders look older than they are.

Instincts: As soon as long-term studies are known, we will invite you again ? Literature vs. Netflix.

David: One is the movie in the head, and the other is the revolution in the movie. Such a platform as Netflix did not exist in this form before. I am not a bookworm , but I like to read because you can build your own world of associations. But I like to watch a show on the sofa as well.

Instincts: Do not you think that the two things are related to each other? Is Netflix also good for life quality?

David: Authorized objection. Of course, Netflix makes it easier for us to obtain information. However, the active thinking process is neglected which is recognized by the grammar and spelling of the Germans. The quality of the literature is lost and Netflix and co. will win. I do not know how much literature is bought where and therefore I can not make a precise statement about it.

Instincts: Normcore. The basic look.

David: It’s probably about how much you care about your looks and clothes. Some people are just not interested in it, for the basic look this attitude is probably appropriate. Too often I see the same H & M pullover in the street, I know from school it feels stupid. I like to go to Second Hand Shops or wear Vintage. It is fun to carry unique pieces that no one else has and in which I feel comfortable. Find yourself and have fun with your clothes.

Instincts: Your Dedication.

David: ADHD, the eternal restlessness. I like to be on the move, produce music, play as a DJ, edit films and videos, and get involved in projects like Berliner for techno. I’m bored if I do nothing. At 6:30 am I already reed the first blog while others are still sleeping. The eternal restlessness rules my life, I don’t want to look back on my life and think that I haven’t tried out everything.