We have developed a new questionnaire for the #wearededicated campaign. In the interview with our models, we now set the tone. Quite casually, we have three categories shaken out of our sleeves, which we have preppy keywords assigned. Our Street Shooting Models now have the pleasure of confronting these airless assumptions and sharing their thoughts on them. In this interview, repartee, originality and joie de vivre are needed. There are no limits to the association, what has to be said needs to get out.

Selena Z. follows her biological nature and chooses category one. In our association interview, she works with women and shares her thoughts with us, on topics such as trend color 2017, sex practices and fitness selfies.

Instincts: Paleo lifestyle. Nutrition as in the Stone Age. This is the most natural and humane way of living.
Seasonal fruits and vegetables, meat from species-appropriate hold animals and wild fish. How does that sound to you?

Selena: I like Bio. I’m studying sustainable management, which means that sustainability comes first.

Instincts: 50 Shades of Gray.

Selena: I saw the movie but did not read the book. I was hoping for more, but for Hollywood it was sexy.

Instincts: Social Media?

Selena: I definitely swif through Instagram every day. I do not post a lot or upload stories, but I use the platform to keep up with my friends. I’m not active on Facebook either, but I keep contact with people I do not often see.

Instincts: Do you think that social media makes us all stalkers?

Selena: Yes, definitely, but if you create a profile, whether on FB or Instagram, everyone can decide for themselves whether they want to be found or not.

Instincts: Fitness Selfies.

Selena: Well, I do fitness, but seldom do a selfie afterwards.

Except when I go to sports with my girlfriends, but the photos are more for our own amusement.

Instincts: trend color fall 2017.

Selena: You often see yellow and orange on the streets. I think yellow jackets are cool. I recently ordered a yellow jacket myself, but sent it back because the collar was not nice. Not everyone can wear this color, blond and yellow becomes difficult, but brown hair and yellow jacket is nice.

Instincts: Your Dedication?

Selena: My passion is music, I do not produce it myself, but I hear it a lot and like to dance. Music helps me to reduce stress, especially if I spent all day in university or the library. Afterwards i need to listen to music or go dancing. I also like to sing and dance with my girls through the apartment. Music just accompanies me all day long.

Instincts: What are your favorite dance facilities?

Selena: The Berghain and the Grießmühle. But if I go after the audience, then I remain faithful to the Berghain.