„We have to have a way to make the dress glow“

Marlene Dietrich

Instinkte, the Berlin Brand Communication Agency, is known for thinking outside of the box, innovative designs and creativity focused on futuristic projects, just like the Fashion Technology House “ElektroCouture”. The future fashion will glow and be interactive, said Marlene Dietrich who foresaw this development already in 1958. In a letter to the designer Jean Louis she solicited for a glowing, interactive robe. Her dream remained imagination, until “ElektroCouture” realized the vision of a Fashion Tech dress in 2017. The Berlin-based Fashion Technology House worked with renowned Brands such as Swarovski, Forster Rohner Textile Innovations and Osram LEDs zusammen, to create a high-end dress which exactly portrayed Marlene Dietrich’s expectations. Lisa Lang and Anja Dragan designed a dress that fulfilled Marlene’s vision to her 25th anniversary of her death. The brilliant result was displayed together with selected Fashion Tech masterpieces in BIKINI Berlin from 4.07. – 07.07.2017, during the time of Berlin Fashion Week.

Instinkte had the exciting mission to suitable present the exclusive Fashion Tech highlights.