A creative get together of the northern countries in Berlin.

INSTINKTE created and realized the Nordic Fashion Hub at the concept mall Bikini Berlin and gave the visitors the possibility to explore contemporary fashion of the northern countries.

From June 28 to July 2, 2016 fifteen exceptional and trendy designers from Iceland, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden – selected by Bikini Berlin and the northern embassies – were presenting and selling their current collection. Each individual performance of the five countries appeared in their own way puristic and clear. As well the overall appearance was staged consciously by INSTINKTE: Looking at the big picture from the first floor of the Bikini Berlin, the visitors could see that the particular booths were forming a unity. Because of this specific order each country appears individually; at the same time one could feel the connectedness.

The sophisticatedly manufactured and costly foiled shelf elements allowed the designers such as Vagabond, Ecco or Selected Femme & Homme to present their collection in an extraordinary way.

The clothes rails, manufactured out of cold water pipes stood in contrast to the L-shaped shelf elements.

It was once again a unique experience at the concept mall Bikini Berlin for the visitors, designers, the nordic embassies and INSTINKTE!